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Real estate investment

NODACORPORATION is one of a few real estate investment companies in Hiroshima that specializes in investing in older properties.
To people that often visit or live in Hiroshima ,
why don't you invest in a property here?
We’re here to help you!

About Hiroshima city

Hiroshima city is located in western Hiroshima prefecture and is the biggest ordinance-designated city in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. It's called the City of Water because of the delta that runs between mountains and rivers, and as such there are a lot fewer flat landscapes compared to other prefectures. Therefore, the price of those flat landscapes in this beautiful city is stable. Home to Mazda Motor Corporation, it is known as an industrial city as well. Moreover, it is a tourist city having many people visit the Atomic Bomb Dome, Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima island, as well as other popular sites.

What is Real Estate Investment?

Real estate investment enables you to get rental income from real estate using a bank loan based on the evaluation of the collateral and is also a category which makes it possible for you to obtain a big loan in Japan.
That means how much a bank evaluates the property is significant to get bank loans for a second or more investments.
Property management for a stable rental income and suppressing repair costs are important as well.
Most people have main business, so they should not be worried about the maintenance of the property during the day.
Owners can get extra money on the side with help of others, such as a rental income and a bank according to your life plan.

Points to choose a property

Point 1Can the property be a real estate collateral in Hiroshima?
Where in Hiroshima is it? How is the area? Is the area promising?
It is important to analyze these things.
Figuring out evaluation of collateral is essential to continue increasing the number of properties since there might be a bank loan limit if the evaluation is much lower than the property price.
Point 2There should be cash flow
Real estate investors can make money more hands-off way, which is the biggest advantage.
It is important to generate cash flow after taking away principal payments and expenses, such as interest.
Point 3The property should be on your sight
Even if the real estate investor leaves the management of the property to a management company, the company should be near the property and deal with problems quickly. If it is possible, it would be nice that the property is in an area where the owner can go visit.


NODACORPORATION specializes in investing in mature properties, not new ones, considering a population decline.
As a customer’s life partner, we can also help a customer with property renovation.

Bank Introduction and Preparation of Sales Planning Services
When it comes to investing, there are two types of banks. Some are willing to help and others are not. If a customer visits a latter bank to talk about his or her investment, it will disappoint them.
NODACORPORATION introduces potential clients to a suitable bank, draws up a sales plan for the bank and strives for a smooth application process for the loan.
Management Company Introduction Services
NODACORPORATION introduces a customer to our partner management company. Although they may not be as well-known as large management companies, they quickly handle landlord’s issues, including complaints from residents and rent collection which need to be taken care of swiftly.
Making a Life Plan (Financial Planner Introduction)
There are times in life where people have to pay large expenses, for instance their housing, education, and retirement. Each customer has different life plans. NODACORPORATION introduces a competent financial planner who helps our customers create their life plans, suggesting when and how much money they will need to save for their future.
Finding and purchasing a property is not the end.
It is important to keep taking good care of the property in order to continue to gain rental income.
NODACORPORATION strives to enhance the asset value of the property by providing the customer with our cultivated renovation skills.

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(This is an English edition of Japanese website,
so in some cases, we might not be able to offer you help.)

The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

1Steady Income
While stocks are very risky since they go up and down, rental income is said it is not affected as much by the economy because there are residents living in the property. It is possible to secure a steady flow of income monthly unless the landlord neglects the management for the property.
2Good for Side Business
Many people say investing in real estate is beneficial for busy people with main businesses. The reason is “passive income”, meaning earning money regularly without much effort.
Real estate investing makes it possible because a landlord can leave the property management, renovations and advertisements for new residents to a real estate management company.
3Bank Loan
Unlike stocks, you could get large loans for real estate investing because banks compare the value of real estate, which is helpful because you can increase your assets faster with borrowed capital rather than equity capital.
4You Can Leave Your Land as an Asset
In case of buildings, such as apartment buildings, your unsecured land will remain after you pay off your mortgage, and then, you can either sell the land or construct another building on it.
It will be more advantageous as time goes by because you can use the rental income to compensate the monthly mortgage payment of the property you bought.
5Security of Income for Retirement and a Rainy Day
We need savings for life after retirement.
It is possible to save money for that preparing early by investing in real estate since you will keep getting the rental income.
Your family would also appreciate the passive income for a rainy day.
Thus, some people invest for their family as inheritance.

in Real Estate Investing

Massive Amount of
Property Information

NODACORPORATION has a considerable amount of information on our own properties as well as our partner companies’.
Furthermore, information we obtain varies: other intermediaries, banks, house building companies and tax accountants, so you will find the property you like.

Solid Rental Management
The occupancy rate of our own properties is over 95% (as of April, 2022).
Customers who purchase properties from us will be provided with our secret to successful property management techniques.
Our Professional Analysis of
Real Estate Market in Hiroshima
We are a company firmly rooted in Hiroshima and specialize in real estate in this region. We are proud of accurately evaluating the collateral value of the real estate, calculating the proper price of the property and renovations.
We are Also Experts in
Property Renovations

This era is known as the 100-year life and real estate investment would come in handy for individual asset formation.
Renovations and rental management are supported by NODACORPORATION to protect your property from decreasing in value and we will revive it when necessary.

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(This is an English edition of Japanese website,
so in some cases, we might not be able to offer you help.)